Access and Egress

These days it's an essential development requirement in bushfire-prone areas to provide appropriate access for fire-fighting services in the event of a fire emergency, as well as appropriate exit routes in the event a sudden evacuation is necessary.

For example:

    • Road systems in a bushfire-prone area should provide alternative access or egress for firefighters and residents if part of the road system is cut by fire.

    • At least one alternative access road needs to be provided for individual dwellings or groups of dwellings more than 200m from a public through road.

    • The routes of these roads should be selected to ensure that both roads are unlikely to be cut by a fire at the same time, ensuring there is at least one safe evacuation route available at all times.

    • Where a bushfire hazard exists on or adjacent to a development site, specific design criteria must be applied in accordance with ASA:3959.

ABAC will help you design appropriate access and egress routes to meet your needs and obligations.

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